What would our world look like if every single company in every single town felt the social responsibility to give back?  We think it would have the potential to change every single community.  Our mission is to see lives changed, if even just a few.  That's why for each design we produce, we will choose an organization to which we will donate 20% of our net profits in that community.

The path to a better community starts with you. Consider taking the High Road.


How it works: 

Twice per year (in April and October), High Road Provisions will select one charity from each represented region, town or team.   During the six-month period for which that charity is chosen, 20% of the net profit from the sale of the selected design, will go to the chosen charity.  In addition to generating some cash for each charity, we hope this will also be a way to introduce you to charitable organizations in your community and perhaps even move you to build a deeper connection with these charities.

Introduce us to your favorite cause using the nomination form.